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Friday, February 14, 2014

The last few months, in pictures

November and December was a time for graduations....
Sixth Grade Graduation, Haulover Public School

First Graduating Class of Pearl Lagoon's Private School, FADCANIC PLACE
Then Christmas was upon us....
My host family getting ready to go to White Christmas service

Christmas service in the Moravian Church
New year's eve day was spent relaxing on the Pearl Cays with volunteer friends...
One of the many small islands that make up the Pearl Cays

Our own slice of paradise

A monster starfish!
On the road, post-New Years...
The often overlooked beauty of Boaco

Boaco, Boaco: The City of Two Stories

A rice plantation in Walter Acevedo, Rio San Juan

San Carlos, Rio San Juan - The Nicaraguan New Orleans

On the Rio San Juan, heading to Sabalos for an eyecare brigade

Cacao processing center (the trays are filled with newly dried cacao seeds, on their way to becoming chocolate)

A cacao tree (those fruits contain columns of cacao seeds, enrobed in a tangy, white flesh. An open fruit looks somewhat like a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone)

El Castillo, Rio San Juan

January was a time for first birthdays!

Jancey turned one on January 10

Lexie turned one on January 17

...and I helped bake the cake
Now that I'm in my final weeks of service, life has been more about paperwork and medical exams than about work and time spent in-site. I'm finishing up projects, starting to give away my things, and saying my good byes. While the next six weeks should prove to be extremely busy, I'll keep updating you the best that I can as I finish my more than two years spent in this beautiful, sometimes frustrating, but always fascinating country.

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